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The ReStore has the ability to pick up your donation. Please, call 704-845-2760, to discuss the items and schedule day and time.

ReStore Hours:     ◊◊◊   (subject to adjustment based on staffing)
  • Tuesday-Friday: 10 AM -6PM
  • Saturday:  9AM-5PM

136 E. Charles Street, 28105  - Fax:  704-321-7132

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why buy at the Habitat ReStore?  Profits from ReStore sales go directly toward funding homes.
  • Why donate to the ReStore?  Your donations are tax-deductible!
  • What items will the ReStore accept?  Building materials, home furnishings and appliances.
  • What items will the ReStore not accept?  Used paint buckets, clothes, household appliances older than five years and broken/stained furniture, dishwashers, worn/soiled furniture.
  • Does Habitat use building materials donated to the ReStore in the construction of new homes?  No, we purchase new items for all of our Habitat homes.
  • How can I compliment the team on delivering great service? Visit Yelp, and let us know!
NOTE:  The ReStore gratefully accepts your donations of leftover or used items. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept donations of used paint buckets, mattresses/boxsprings, clothes, dishwashers, certain types of faucets, and broken, torn or stained furniture.  Please, reference this EPA bulletin, regarding lead-related restrictions.
Household appliances older than five years or inoperable units, cannot be accepted.  A tax receipt will be granted for items donated, upon being received.